Coloring Pages by Krissy

Discover the coloring pages created by Krissy, graphic arts student and passionate about Manga / Anime.

Coloring page thanksgiving cornucopia

Here is a beautiful coloring page to celebrate Thanksgiving

Coloring Page Tattoo Flowers Butterfly

A beautiful tattoo of flowers and butterflies with a cute background

Coloring Page Zentangle Reindeer Christmas

Beautiful Christmas reindeer coloring with zentangle pattern

Coloring Page Zentangle Crowned Christmas

Stunning Christmas Crown with intricate zentangle patterns

Coloring Page Zentangle Bell Christmas

Coloring page of a Christmas bell with zentangle patterns

Christmas log and Zentangle patterns

Complex coloring of an egg and a Yule log.

Coloring page manga fairy tail krissy

Here is a coloring page of the 5 members that form the strongest team in the Fairy tail Guild. It's Wendy, Lucy, Natsu, Grey and Erza

Coloring page zentangle wolf krissy

Coloring page a wolf drawn with the style of zentangle and some feathers in his fur

Coloring page demon hannya japanese krissy

Coloring page of a Japanese Hannya mask.

Coloring page tattoo wolf krissy

Wolf tattoo in two parts, realistic and zentangle style.

Coloring_page manga chibi fairy tail krissy

This is a coloring page with the chibi characters from Fairy Tail Natsu, Lucy and Happy.

Coloring page manga rayne neo angelique abyss krissy

Here is a coloring page from Rayne. He's the character of the manga Neo Angelique Abyss. His role is to purify the evil spirit with his weapon.

Coloring page manga sad girl

Manga / Anime coloring page representing a sad girl

Coloring manga link breath of wild

Coloring page of the hero Link from the brand new game Zelda Breath of the Wild

Ahri, League of Legend video game character

Ahri, a character in the League of Legend video game

Coloring manga zelda krissy

Coloring page of The Princess Zelda from the video game Twilight Princess

Coloring manga saber warrior girl by krissy

Original Manga coloring page : The saber warrior girl

An original Manga style drawing of an angel with magnificent wings

An original Manga-style drawing of an angel with magnificent wings

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