Coloring pages by Krissy

Discover the coloring pages created by Krissy, graphic arts student and passionate about Manga / Anime.

Do not hesitate to follow her Tutorials to drawManga characters!

coloring-page-manga-fairy-tail-krissy free to print

Here is a coloring page of the 5 members that form the strongest team in the Fairy tail Guild. It's Wendy, Lucy, Natsu, Grey and Erza

coloring-page-zentangle-wolf-krissy free to print

Coloring page a wolf drawn with the style of zentangle and some feathers in his fur

coloring-page-demon-hannya-japanese-krissy free to print

Coloring page of a Japanese Hannya mask.

coloring-page-tattoo-wolf-krissy free to print

Wolf tattoo in two parties, realistic and zentangle style.

coloring_page-manga-chibi-fairy-tail-krissy free to print

This is a coloring page with the chibi characters from Fairy Tail Natsu, Lucy and Happy.

coloring-page-manga-rayne-neo-angelique-abyss-krissy free to print

Here is a coloring page from Rayne. He's the character of the manga Neo Angelique Abyss. His role is to purify the evil spirit with his weapon.

coloring-page-manga-sad-girl free to print

Manga / Anime coloring page representing a sad girl

coloring-manga-link-breath-of-wild free to print

Coloring page of the hero Link from the brand new game Zelda Breath of the Wild

coloriage-manga-ahri-league-of-legend-krissy free to print

Here is Ahri, a character from the video game League of Legend. She is a fox girl with 9 tails !

coloring-manga-zelda-krissy free to print

Coloring page of The Princess Zelda from the video game Twilight Princess

coloring-manga-saber-warrior-girl-by-krissy free to print

Original Manga coloring page : The saber warrior girl

coloring-adult-manga-angel-by-krissy free to print

Manga Angel with beautiful wings