Coloring Pages by Mimieve

Mimieve (Marie-Eve Klein) is a self-taught Belgian designer who flourishes in a fantasy world sprinkled lightly with a childish touch/

A detailed universe where wacky animals and portraits rub shoulders in a rich nature. She offers to appeal to benevolence and calm, in order to color your life.

Designer in the global collective Global Doodle Gems, she created her own book in 2017 entitled "Dreamlike Journey" available on Amazon.

You can follow her by visiting her Facebook page : Les traits'ors de Mimieve

Coloring the candy carousel by Mimieve

Candy carousel

Coloring Enchanted forest by Mimieve

Enchanted forest

Coloring Dreamcatcher by Mimieve

Incredible Dreamcatcher

Delicious Strawberry Cupcake

Do you wand to eat this Strawberry cupcake ?

Coloring balloon Mimieve

Embark on this incredible hot air balloon, for a trip to the land of colors and creativity

Coloring Lace woman by Mimieve

Lace woman

Coloring Lady doe by Mimieve

Lady doe