Coloring Pages by Caillou

Caillou (it's her nickname, it means pebble in French) is currently preparing a diploma in visual communication.

She likes to create all types of coloring pages : characters, abstract designs, Mandalas, Zentangles drawings ... but what she adores the most to work on is animals ! especially Dogs and Cats.
Her drawings are always very original and loaded with elegant and complex patterns.

Let’s enter in her world and color her creations …

Mandala with peace symbols

Mandala with various symbols : Om, Yin and Yang ... A coloring page full a peace

Main de Fatma   Khamsa

Main de Fatma - Khamsa

Halloween and fashion Pusheen

Pretty witch Pusheen in her manor preparing a magic potion for Halloween

Maison hantée

Frightening Haunted mansion, with a witch and a zombie

Coloring halloween skull

Color this scary skull, surrounded by pumpkins, with in background : coffins and bats

Pusheen de noel

Pusheen the cat disguised as Santa Claus

Peace symbols

Find inner peace with this coloring page featuring various Zen symbols, including the 'Om'.

Space travel

Girl dreaming of space travel with her cat

Pizza Pusheen

Color this Pusheen pizza, with a background full of junk food stuffs

Ice cream Pusheen

Delicious Ice creams with Pusheen's head, cakes and candy

Wolf woman

Color this "Wolf Woman" and all the roses and feathers that surround her

Maneki Neko babies

These little Maneki Neko kneeling on a bigger one are too cute ... Add them some colors !

Mayan bird and Aztec patterns

Mayan parrot head with beautiful patterns around (Aztec / Mayan style)

Dragon Wyvern

Wyvern: a legendary creature with a dragon head and wings.

The spiritual dragon

The balance of Yin & Yang in a drawing with a dragon filled with harmonious patterns

A beautiful spring day

Garden with pretty butterflies, ladybugs and a cat contemplating the flowers

French Bulldog and its harmonious patterns

French bulldog and his small muscular body filled with pretty patterns

Savage skull with insects

A skull full of insects, flowers and birds looking straight out of a peaceful meadow

Lion, crocodile and skull

Lion, crocodile and skull

Coloring cute owls

Coloring page inspired by a textile design (CFA Voysey, England, 1897)

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