Coloring Pages by Elanise Art

Elanise has been passionate about all aspects of artistic creation since childhood. Dreaming and creative, she has been practicing painting and drawing for the last fifteen years.
In addition to painting on canvas and pebble, she creates illustrations and coloring drawings she likes to share.

Essentially self-taught, Elanise followed an artistic curriculum in high school (Plastic arts and art history) as well as some drawing / painting courses during one year with an association.

Inspired by nature, femininity, spirituality, we often find an ethnic touch in her coloring pages.

Coloring adult elanise art flower wallpaper

Wallpaper full a flowers

Coloring adult elanise art woman flowers hat

Woman with her face hidden behind a flowered hat

Coloring adult elanise art incredible dess

Woman with beautiful flower dress


Drawing composed of plant elements, but also representing the meeting between spermatozoa and an egg

Insects in a field

Cute and various insects in a field composed of wild flowers and herbs

Just Flowers

Color all this flowers and leaves, it will be beautiful

Flowers in a heart

Flower designs filling a big heart

Love and Flowers

Cool drawing with an heart containing simple flowers and leaves

Coloring adult elanise art flowers mandala

Incredible Mandala with dark petals Flowers