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Discover the latest complex coloring pages for adults and kids from our website, from our different categories. We try to add new and exclusive drawings regularly, so do not hesitate to check this page as often as possible !

Jérôme Bosch   The Great Garden of Love

Engraving "Master of the Gardens of Love (The Great Garden of Love)" by Jérôme Bosch (circa 1450)!

Egyptian wall paintings and writings (Karnak, Luxor)

Egyptian wall paintings and writings, from Karnak Temple in Luxor (Egypt)

Pharaoh offering incense to Isis and Osiris

Pharaoh offering incense to Isis and Osiris

Paul Élie Ranson   Princesses on the Terrace

Coloring based on 'Les Princesses à la Terasse' by Paul-Élie Ranson (1894)

Finding Wonderland

"Finding Wonderland" : Gorgeous coloring pages with a happy Princess and various Doodle characters (Kawaii style)

Coloring adult tree white black

Beautiful tree to color (White version)

Coloring adult hibou

Owl with piercing look

Incredible Tree

The Wonderful Tree that develops and enhances your creativity

Coloring adult italy landscape philippe hackert

Landscape drawing (Italy)

Fernand Leger   Three musicians

Fernand leger three musicians

16th century dish

Coloring inspired by a 15th-century dish

Many elegant paisley design

Paisley patterns

Coloring adult fantasy unicorn

Unicorn & woman coloring page

Coloring adult cat guitar

A cute and well decorated cat

Juan Gris   Pierrot

Coloring based on 'Pierrot' by Juan Gris (1921)

Frida Kahlo

Simple drawing to color representing Frida Kahlo

Coloring inspired by Esther Mahlangu

Coloring freely inspired by the paintings of African artist Esther Mahlangu

27 Cactus

Color these 27 cacti !


Coloring created from the most emblematic monuments of Montreal, with Mount Royal in the background

Parisian costumes   George Barbier

Coloring page created from an Art Deco advertising poster by George Barbier : "Parisian costumes" (1914)

Dendera Zodiac

Coloring page created from the first drawing of the Dendera Zodiac (1802)

Cute little squirrel

Squirrel full of various intertwined patterns

Intertwined fishes

Pretty intertwined fishes to color

Art Nouveau Woman   Simple

Art Nouveau Woman - Simple

Dogs   Celtic Art style

Celtic drawing of dogs with interlaced Celtic motifs

Birds   Celtic Art style

Celtic drawing of birds, with interlaced Celtic motifs

Cookies Lefèvre Utile advertising by Alfons Mucha

Coloring created from an advertising poster for Biscuits Lefèvre-Utile (L

Vitrail McDonald's

What if McDonald's had existed in the Middle Ages?

Born to be unique

Born to be unique

Bird in a Stained glass window

Drawing of a bird to color, drawn in the style of a stained glass window

Rich woman Art Nouveau style

Coloring page inspired by an Art Nouveau illustration representing an elegantly dressed woman

Various cactus to color

Various varieties of cacti to be colored

Ramen bath

Man in a noodle bath

Christmas ball

Pretty Christmas ball within a Mandala

Gingerbread men

Gingerbread men and cakes representing Christmas trees, snowmen, treats and candies ...

Cartoon kids in hats and scarfs

Three children in hats and scarfs playing with a big snowball, looking like elves

Snowman in a snow globe

A Christmas snow globe featuring a snowman and Christmas decoration balls

Children and snowman

Children and the snowman they made together with fresh snow

Children Decorating a Christmas Tree

Coloring page representing children of all ages decorating a Christmas tree

Christmas tree with decoration balls

Majestic Christmas tree, with intricately patterned background

Santa Claus & Moon

Coloring page of Santa Claus seen in profile, looking like the moon

Christmas doodle sketch sledge

Santa's sleigh filled with gifts, also with a pretty, well-decorated Christmas tree

Wasp and flowers

Wasp and flowers

Peocock and Mandala

Color this Peacock and this beautiful mandala that accompanies it

Khnum receiving an offering

The Egyptian god Khnum receiving an offering

Mandala with thick strokes

Simple mandala with thick strokes

Rivers coming to console Peneus for the rape of his daughter by Apollo

Coloring page from an engraving from 16th century representing the rivers coming to console Peneus after the rape of his daughter by Apollo, her death and her metamorphosis into a laurel

Japan Stencil   design 1

Coloring created from a stencil from Japan, dating from the 19th century - model 1

Japanese Stencil design   model 3

Coloring page created from a Traditional Japanese Stencil Design - model 3

William Morris   Treillis (1864)

Coloring created from the wallpaper pattern created by William Morris: "Treillis" in 1864