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Discover the latest adult coloring pages of our website, from our different categories. We try to add new and exclusive drawings regularly, so do not hesitate to check this page as often as possible !

Cute cat behind flowers   1

Cute cat behind flowers 1

Geometric deer head

Geometric deer head

Art Deco Movie Woman   1

Art deco movie woman

Art Deco Movie Woman   2

Art deco cinema woman

Young woman in an african village

Young and elegant woman in an african village

Art Déco plaza

Buildings with Art Déco facades

Art Déco Door in Paris

Art Déco door seen in Paris

Red House by William Morris

Illustration representing the "Red House" by William Morris

Owl with beautiful patterns

Color this owl and all its patterns

Jean Dubuffet   Garden L'Hourloupe

Coloring created from the painting "Garden L'Hourloupe" by Jean Dubuffet (1966)

Paul Élie Ranson   Three women under the flowering trees

Coloring created from the painting "Three Women Under the Blossoming Trees (Study for 'Spring')" by Paul-Élie Ranson (1895)


Lovely drawing freely inspired by Nefertiti

Montreal drawing

Montreal drawing (Québec, Canada)

Mondrian coloring

Coloring inspired by the geometric works of the painter Piet Mondrian

Ilya Bolotowsky   City Rectangle

Coloring page created from Ilya Bolotowsky's painting 'City Rectangle' (1948)

Jérôme Bosch   Master of gardens of love

Engraving "Master of the Gardens of Love (The Great Garden of Love)" by Jérôme (Hieronymus) Bosch (circa 1450).
This engraving can be seen in Berlin at the Staatliche Museen. It's almost the original drawing that you can color : nothing has been modified except the few traces in the sky !

Egyptian wall paintings and writings (Karnak, Luxor)

Egyptian wall paintings and writings, from Karnak Temple in Luxor (Egypt)

Pharaoh offering incense to Isis and Osiris

Pharaoh offering incense to Isis and Osiris

Paul Élie Ranson   Princesses on the Terrace

Coloring page created from Paul-Élie Ranson's artwork 'Princesses on the Terrace' (1894)

Finding Wonderland

"Finding Wonderland" : Gorgeous coloring pages with a happy Princess and various Doodle characters (Kawaii style)

Coloring adult tree white black

Beautiful tree to color (White version)