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New coloring page about Homer’s Odyssey

Discover a very original coloring page by on of our featured artist : Marion.

The scene represented in this coloring page is inspired by a vase. It deals with an important passage in the Homer’s Odyssey.

Ulysse and the mermaids
Ulysse and the mermaids

This is the story of Ulysse. You are probably hear about this character from the Greek Mythology ? This coloring page evokes his meeting with mythological creature, known as mermaids.

Why this mermaids fly ?

Because there are part woman, part bird. No similarity with Ariel the little Mermaid… except their fascinating song.

In this illustration, Ulysse is fasten on the mast of his ship to resist when the mermaids sing.

Ulysse escaped with success of this situation and …

I will tell you the end, only if i receive your beautiful coloring pages.

Download this coloring page in our gallery “Water worlds”, or directly from here.