Manga Tutorial : Daemon Ryuk

Here is a tutorial to learn how to draw this horrible daemon (in Manga / Anime style).

Our first daemon is here !

Ryuk is a deamon from the Death Note manga.

He’s the god of death, he is particularly curious and hates to be bored, which often leads him to visit humans. He is quite insightful and very joking.

Let’s begin this tutorial, thanks to it you will be able to draw a horrible demon to scare your friends !



Step 1

First of all you have to make a preparatory sketch with only the main lines of the character, with a wooden pencil.

If possible use a 2H pencil, otherwise a HB one, that will not change your drawing.

Caution : Your pencil must be carving … when drawing the lines, be careful not to press too hard ! Don’t forget you will have to erase this preparatory drawing at the end of your work.

Start to draw the contour of the face, the main shape of the hair, and the chest.





Step 2

After having drawn the main lines of the drawing, you can start to draw the details.

I advise you to draw the ears, then the hand that holds the apple.

With these first elements, you will have guidelines that will allow you to draw the clothes in the right proportions.








Step 3

You’re on the right track, the most difficult is yet to begin, but don’t be discouraged !

Now it gets a bit complicated if you are not especially comfortable with the drawing of the faces. You have to draw the eyes, the nose, the mouth as well as the small earring that it carries. Start with the earring this is the simplest !

Then continue with the eyes. To help you, think that between it, you should have enough room to place a third eye … you can draw it if it helps you, but do not press too hard on your pencil (will have to erase it).

You have already done the most complicated, congratulations !

All you have to do now is the deamon’s nose and his mouth.

All you have to do now is the very skeletal nose and the mouth full of little demonic teeth.

Use the contours of the face and eyes to place it where it has to be.


Step 4 

This step is easier. You will need for it to have a black pen with fine tip, to draw over the lines of wooden pencil.

After doing this, you just have to erase the pencil strokes underneath, with a good rubber.









Step 5

The last step will take a little more time than the others, you will have to use wooden pencils B2, B3, B6 and of course a HB one.

Start with the darkest zones of your design and fill the area with your B6 pencil. It’s the darkest shade so use it the for the hands and the garment.

Then take your B3 and your HB pencil and draw the small shading effects. For the hair use the B2 pencil, it will be necessary to vary the pressure to succeed in creating realistic shades in the hair.

To finish, with a handkerchief or simply with your fingers, spread the pencil over the entire surface of the drawing and if necessary enhance some lines that seems too clear to you with the HB pencil.

You’ve finished!

Well done !