Manga Tutorial : Chibi Fairy Tail

Here is a tutorial to draw Natsu, Lucy as well as Happy in Chibi in a library.

The Chibi that you will learn to draw are the childlike versions of Lucy, Natsu and Happy. They make all 3 parties of the Fairy Tail Guild.

With this tutorial you will draw the Chibi with more ease! Go to work !




Step 1

To start, draw the shape of the characters and the table.

After that, draw the lines of the library that will be in the background.

Above all do not forget to draw the books that sits on the table as well as the lamp.

Attention: Do not forget, you must have an H2 pencil and a rule to draw the lines of the library behind the characters. If you use a HB instead you will have a lot of difficulty to erase your lines and this can spoil your drawing. Be very careful to the proportions of your character, think that they are Chibi so the dimensions are not the same as the characters of normal mangas. You can follow this tutorial about the proportions of the different types of characters.

Step 2

This step will take time but do not get discouraged !

First of all finish the characters drawing their eyes and their mouths. Make the lines on the table and on the floor.

Then, take the rule and  trace every vertical for each book that will be stored in the library, do not worry about the books on the books just the vertical.

Once this is done draw the curves to be able to understand that it represents books.

After drawing the books you can work on the patterns of all these books one by one but attention : avoid doing the same pattern next to each other, otherwise it would look too repetitive. You can repeat the patterns created that you can see on the tutorial but if you have any other idea do not hesitate to use it.

Bravo the most difficult is now done !

Step 3

This step consists in just re-draw over all the pencil strokes with a fine black felt.

If you are lucky to have several fine pointed felts use a thicker on the outline of the Chibi and very fine for the lines of your books, it will be prettier ang give a depth effect.

If you do not, do not bother and repeat everything with the same the felt.



Step 4

Finally to finish in beauty with this drawing, add it colors to beautify it.

You can do it with software such as Photoshop, Illustrator or Coreldraw or simply with colored pencils.

Do not forget to create some shadows on the Chibi, this will give the impression that you have printed it and not to drawn it ! Your friends could confuse your drawing with the original image.

Here you have finally finished this long drawing ! Congratulations ! See you soon !