Manga Tutorial : Mecha

Robots are very present in manga’s universe, especially in Mecha’s style manga.

Indeed, a lot of mangas we can follow epics battles where robots fight each other !

You want to learn to draw these huge robots ? 

I explain you everything in this tutorial, based of this giant robot, very original (I imagined it !).




Step 1

Mecha etape 1Realize the preparatory sketch by drawing the character’s contours in gray pencil.

Start by the shield, follow with the body, then the arms and legs and for the last the helmet.


Step 2

Mecha etape 2By using the sketch, draw the character’s main lines.

Start by adding some details on the shield.

Do the same work for the arms, legs and the body.

Finish by add the eye (yes, my robot has only one eye !).


Step 3

Mecha etape 3Add some details on your drawing, like wear marks on the armor.


Step 4

Mecha etape 4Reenforce the drawing with black felt pen with a skinny point, and take off the marks of gray pencil with a rubber.


Step 5

Mecha etape 5Now, with a software like Adobe Photoshop, felt pen or colored pencil, color the character with the main colors.


Step 6

Finally, add some details like shadows or lights on the armor for make it more realistic.