Manga Tutorial : Pikachu (Pokemon)

Learn to draw the most famous yellow mouse in the world : the famous Pikachu, from the Pokemon !








Step 1

Pikachu etape 1

Realize the preparatory sketch by drawing the character’s contours in gray pencil.


Step 2

Pikachu etape 2
Draw the face of Pikachu, do not make him too wide eyes.

Draw his mouth and ears.

It’s important to respect the “official” proportions … Otherwise your drawing will not be recognizable …


Step 3

Pikachu etape 3Draw the lines of the character with black felt pen with a skinny point, and take off the marks of gray pencil with a rubber.


Step 4

Pikachu etape 4

Now, with any software like Adobe Photoshop, felt pen or colored pencil, color Pikachu with his main colors … Yellow mainly !


Step 5

Finally, add shadows in the tail, ears, under the neck and the arms, and finally under his belly … it’s over !