A Bugs Life Coloring Pages for Kids

Discover these A Bug's Life coloring pages .

This cartoon is the first Pixar's movie, and it's about Tilt's life, a young ant who, by mistake, has put fire to all the harvest of the season. He decided to leave his island to group mercenaries to help him fight Thumper, a bad insect angry.

The one eyed man of 1001 paws

This nasty cricket will grumble if you don't put some colors on it!

Tilt takes off!

This hero of 1001 paws is about to fly away, color him to help him.

Tilt and Princess Atta

These two lovebirds are making eyes at each other.

1001 paws on a mop

All that's missing is your coloring for this little bug to be ready to go.

Princesse Atta

This princess from 1001 paws is waiting on her mushroom for you to color her!

1001 legs

Tilt shows his super strength at Heimlich!

1001 paws in family

The whole family is together to give you a great coloring experience!

The caterpillar of 1001 legs

This big caterpillar is inviting you to color it!

Tilt and square full !

Come and fly with Tilt for a great coloring session!

The little insects of 1001 pattes

Want to play with these little pieces? Color them!

Coloriage 1001 pattes

This pretty dragonfly shows you its wings so that you can add some colors to it.