Pirates of the Caribbean Coloring Pages for Kids

Discover the coloring pages inspired by the movies Pirates of the Caribbeans !

The 5 movies of the saga are all craziest than the others! Get into the adventure of the crazy Captain Jack Sparrow played by Johnny Depp, and be careful to the big villain David Jones...

Jack Sparrow

The crazy Captain shows you the way to the next trip!

Pirates of the Caribbean; The Great Battle

The pirates fight a merciless battle!

Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean)

The hero of Pirates of the Caribbean is just waiting for some colors.

Jack Sparrow and his team

Jack Sparrow and the other pirates seem to be a little lost. Color this picture to show them the way!

Pirates of the Caribbean skull and crossbones

It seems that there is a price on the head of our favorite pirate...

Battle of the Caribbean pirates

Jack Sparrow is in danger, color him in to help him!

Pirates of the Caribbean: David Jones

Maybe with a little color, David Jones' ugly beard will be less scary!

Pirates of the Caribbean coloring pages for kids

David Jones, the dreaded pirate of the Caribbean has something to tell you!

Pirates of the Caribbean villains

What plan is David Jones concocting?

Jack Sparrow and his treasure.

Color this picture in time to get the treasure before Jack Sparrow does!