Watercolor : Surf & Beach by Domandalas

Today I decide to paint a watercolor based on a drawing … Watercolor is one of my favorite coloring techniques.

I chose this beautiful landscape that represents a surfboard, with in the background a beautiful setting sun.

This original drawing was created by Céline, it’s available on the website, follow this link to access it.

I will try to reproduce the colors that dominate in case of sunset …


Step 1

Let’s go ! Direction this pretty paradise island  …

I prepare my material : a small pot full of water, 2 brushes: one fine for the details, one big for large surfaces.





Step 2

I wet the sky with water (without colors). I’ll explain later why I use this technique.

I add yellow, red, orange that will spread and give a non-uniform appearance.

A watercolor must be light, fluid. I make small circular movements with the brush. I then turn the sheet in all directions so that the color fuses.

It does not matter if the paper appears wavy. When the coloring page is finished and well dry, deposit it between two books … Few hours later, the paper will be returned to its original appearance.

If there are a few colors that «drool» on the palm trees, it does not matter. I would add green color on it later.

I let it dry.

Step 3

I will now work on the palm trees … I add 2 shades of green for the palms, as expected.

I rinse my brush.

I’ll add bright yellow for the sun and reflections. Same technique: water, color, then movements of the leaf.

Then I add a little of orange on the water, a little of blue on the edge of the beach, yellow for the sand, a little foam, beige for the rocks.


Step 4

I work on the finishes : green on the palm trees and I finish with the surfboard in blue and white, to add light to my «masterpiece».

Between each change of color, rinse the brush thoroughly.

I take a step back and try to get an overview of my drawing. I’m happy with the result.



The drawing, without color, seemed difficult. But it’s not !

You can use all the colors you want, real or not. Let your imagination make the work. The colors will come by themselves.

So, you will have a great time just as I just did.

Here is the finalized result :