Tutorial : Carp Mandala with Colouring pencils by Sophie

Discover the genesis of this magnificent aquatic creation, by Sophie.

The original coloring page is available in our Mandala gallery, and directly here.

A relatively simple subject, but magnified by the well-inspired use of a few colors, and a fine technique …


Sophie explains us how she worked to get this incredible result.


1. I chose to color the ‘Mandala Carpe’, a pretty illustration in the Japanese spirit.
I start by applying uniformly my orange color on the whole surface of the fish.

Be sure to trim your colored pencils and always color in circles.

My advice: Seek a general harmony in the choice of your colors.



2. I color the shadows of the fish, accentuating the pressure on the colored pencil to create contrast and relief.

For this step, I use orange and red colored pencils.





3. I continue coloring the scales of the fish and reserving spaces of white.

I often proceed in this way, because I think that it allows to structure my colorings pages creations.





4. I continue by coloring the peonies evenly.

Right after, I draw the shadows on the peonies.






5. I color the small waves uniformly.







6. I draw the shadows on these waves.







7. Finally, I finish my creation by coloring the interlacing that form the background of the mandala.










And finally, my coloring page is finished … A pretty fish that we do not want to fish but just admire.