Drawing basics


It’s not the hand that draws but the brain !

What make the difference between a beginner and a real drawing artist ? Certainly these three points :

  • “assurance dans le tracé, confiance”
  • 3D visualisation
  • quickness

That’s why when you begin practicing drawing with teachers, they will ask you to draw vegetables or fruits … sometimes for months !

It’s only when they will observe that you can reproduce these models with the good proportions, 3d aspect (including shadows), “assurance” and quickness that they will allow you to draw more “interesting” models, like landscapes or characters.

Training program

To begin drawing, again, fruits & vegetables are the perfect model … Go to market and buy bananas, apples, tomatoes … Not the perfect fruits ! Chose some with little imperfections, of for the example of the bananas some spots …

The reflects are also a good thing to try to reproduce.