Zentangle ® Tutorials

Zentangle ® is a method created by two american artists, in 2005.

This drawing technique is based on abstract, simple patterns repeated, sometime inspired by nature.

We search more the global harmony than the symmetry.
And most of all, the importance is given on the creative process, more than on the result.

These patterns can be used, mixed, but always integrated within delimited zones.
These zones can be also abstracts, or part of bigger drawings (eg. animals, flowers, landscapes …).
Those who have done this type of drawing especially note the simplicity and freedom they feel through this activity …

Indeed, Zen-tangle ® is definitely a meditative Art. Its benefits are most of all relaxation, improving of the state of mind (optimism, positivity, etc…)
It’s different from coloring because with Zentangle ® YOU create YOUR illustration … you do more than coloring a existing drawing.

Some are afraid to draw by themselves, but really … Zentangle ® is a technique ACCESSIBLE for everyone, even if you are not a good drawer.

In this section, you will learn step by step to draw incredible illustrations using the Zentangle method.

Drawing basics : First : learn the basics of drawing !

Zentangle exercises for beginners : We offer you some exercices, important to do before trying to make Zentangle patterns

Zentangle patterns and tutorials : Discover some of the incredible patterns of the Zentangle method : official ones, and creations by artists and fans

Zentangle drawings (step by step) : Try to find inspiration in our exclusive Zentangle drawings, and discover the main steps of each drawing