Zentangle patterns and tutorials

Now that you’re trained with our drawing basics, and our Zentangle ® exercises for beginners, you can learn the different patterns of the Zen-tangle ® method.

There are plenty different patterns : the officials created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, and all the patterns created by fans of this drawing technique.

Here are some of our favorite patterns, and other elements like borders, embellishments …

When you are familiar with this Zentangle ® patterns, you can draw your own drawings … you can see our step by step to become true experts !

Zentangle ® patterns


This official pattern is very vegetal. It represents leaves


This pattern represents entangled lines. You can color the background, or use tight lines.

You can quickly get a very complex pattern, if you draw a lot of lines that cross and intersect, in front and behind.


This  pattern represents funny flowers with thorns. You can use pencil for a shadow effect.

In the image below, you will see the pattern finished, and two zooms to show you the design of these strange flowers.

If you like this pattern, here are some variants, with different funny details.


Here is a pattern that may sound like pearls strung on a wire. It can be useful if you want to draw something related to plants.


If you like to draw spirals, this Zentangle ® pattern is for you. It consists of very close spirals.


This pattern looks like cells viewed using a microscope.


This pattern is interesting because it use straight and curved lines. The contrast give a feeling of harmony that which can make your designs even nicer to see.

You can also draw the circles in black, and the straight lignes differently


There are many variants of the traffic pattern … It consist of “roads”with different drawings inside and outside (the most different of possible)


Just draw sinuous lines that begin from the same point, and on each line, some little circles (filled or not)


This technique is used if you want to give some effects to simple patterns : Relief, brilliance, realism.

Here are some exemples of Zentangle ® Embellishments : In the order : Aura, Perfs, Shadows and Glitter.

For example, if you apply glitter or shadow effect to the “spring” Zentangle ® pattern, you can get these beautiful result :




Here is the steps to make this Zentangle forms. It is invented by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas.

To improve you creations, and provide you some inspiration, we propose you some variants.



If you want to add something special to your Zentangle ® drawings, we advise you to use borders ! Here are some exemples, but you can create your own borders.