Dogs Coloring Pages for Kids

Beautiful dogs of various breeds to color, for children of all ages.

Did you know ? There are about 340 breeds of dogs ! The main are Labrador Retriever, Yorkshire Terrier, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever ... Discover all our fun free coloring pages of Dogs !

Dog on a boat

Dog on a boat

Dog on the bank

Dog on the bank, looking at a boat

Two little puppies

Two cute little puppies to color

Easy to color dog

A cute dog very easy to color for the little ones


Dog to color : Beauceron


Dog to color : Collie

Coloring dog with squirrel

A coloring book of a dog with a squirrel

Coloring dog with turtle

A coloring book of a dog with a turtle

Dogs coloring

2 dogs to color

Coloring of hunting dog

Superb hunting dog

Coloring dog with butterfly

A dog strolling with a butterfly, to color

Coloring of angry dog

Attention Furious Dog!

Simple dog coloring

Funny dog to put in color

Coloring dog with girl

A little girl walks with her dog

Coloring of funny dogs

Several dogs to color

Coloring of a nice little dog

Cute little dog to color for the little ones

Coloring of dog Volt Disney

Volt the dog from the Disney movie, with his friend the cat

Coloring dog with flowers

Cute dog bringing flowers to his mistress

Dog coloring for kids

Color this beautiful dog coloring with your favorite colors

Chien berger allemand

German Shepherd, with harmonious and complex patterns