Lion Coloring Pages for Kids

The lion is an animal very impressive for kids! Although the lion is not the largest, fastest or most lethal animal, its position as king of beasts has rarely been challenged.
Here are some images of lions tot print and color.

Lion assis

This lion looks a little lost.

Reclining Lion

Coloring of lion lying down.

Lion's head

This little lion is smiling!

Grand lion

Coloring of a majestic lion

Lion standing

Coloring of a lion in profile

Lion head mandala 1

A nice lion head in mandala style, with the background

Lion head mandala 2

A nice lion head in mandala style, without background

Little Lion

Coloring of a little smiling lion


Lion in his savanna

Hidden Lion

This lion hides in the tall grass

Silly Lion

With its spinning eyes, this lion offers you a zany coloring!

Lion couple

The lion and his lioness are lounging

Pretty lion with a crown

Pretty Lion With A Crown

Lion's head in profile

Lion's Head In Profile

Lion's head from the front

Lion's Head From The Front

Lion head with complex patterns to color

Lion Head With Complex Patterns To Color

Coloring page lion to download

Simple Lion coloring page to print and color for free


Lion head, with harmonious and complex patterns

Coloring page lion free to color for children

Simple Lion coloring page for kids

Coloring page lion to color for kids

Simple Lion coloring page to download for free