Manga Tutorial : Kimono girl

tape6-fille-kimonoIn Japan, the Kimono is the traditional uniform worn by men as well as women.

In the past, they wore it as an usual clothe but nowadays it is mainly used for big events and gatherings.

Thanks to this Kimono girl tutorial, you will be able to draw mangas characters in their traditional clothes !





Step 1


Realize the preparatory sketch by drawing the character’s contours in gray pencil.

Start in first with the clothes, add the head and arms.



Step 2


By using the sketch, draw the character’s main lines.

Start to draw the hair, the flowers and the bow tie on the belt.



Step 3


Continue the drawing with gray pencil and add some details like eyebrows, the eyes ( and inside ) and the flowers on the dress.



Step 4


Make the final drawing with a skinny point and take off the marks of gray pencil with a rubber.



Step 5


With a software like Adobe Photoshop, felt pen or colored pencil, color the character with the main colors.



Step 6


Finally, add some details like shadows or lights on the hair, the skin and the clothes.