Manga Tutorial : Neko girl


Do you like drawing cats and cute female characters ?

Lucky you, I will teach you how draw both at the same time !

Thanks to this tutorial, you will be able to draw like a true mangaka a Neko Girl, a young girl with cats’ hears and tail.





Step 1

tape1-nekogirlRealize the preparatory sketch by drawing the character’s contours in gray pencil.

Start with the head, the contours of hair and the body.


Step 2

tape2-nekogirlBy using the sketch, draw the character’s main lines.

Start to draw the braided, the ears, the tail, place the eyes above the horizontal line, the nose under the eyes and the mouth under the nose.

Then draw some details on the bow tie.


Step 3

tape3-nekogirlWith gray pencil add some details like eyebrows, inside of the eyes, some strands of haire, finish the collar of the dress, details on the dress (flowers, patterns … as you want), and shadows on the bow


Step 4

tape4-nekogirlWith black felt pen with a skinny point, make the final drawing, and take off the marks of gray pencil with a rubber.


Step 5


Now with a software like Adobe Photoshop, felt pen or colored pencil, color the character with the main colors.


Step 6

tape6-nekogirlFinally, add some details like shadows or lights on the hair, the skin, the ears and the clothes.