Manga Tutorial : School girl

Female characters dressed as schoolgirl are common in the manga universe, because most of this girls stories take place at college or highschool.

This kind of manga called Shõjo (meaning « little girl » in japanese), sets most of the time the love stories of these girls in uniform.

Wanna learn how to draw them ? Let’s go !






Step 1

tape1-écolièreMake a preparatory sketch : drawing the contours of the character in gray pencil without pressing too hard, to get an idea of what the schoolgirl will represent.

Start first with the head, then the clothes then add the arms and legs.



Step 2

tape2-écolièreUsing your sketch, make the main lines of the character by pressing a little harder on your gray pencil.

Place your eyes about 1 millimeter above the horizontal line, the nose at the intersection of the two lines then the mouth to 3 or 4 millimeters below the nose, do not forget to make hands. 

For the hair, finish the shape of the head with a small semicircle, add strands going to the right or as you want at the forehead and then make duvets on each side of the head.

And for clothes, draw a collar that goes up to 3 or 4 millimeters below the chin, followed by a bow tie, then a line to separate the shirt in two. Finally, make small tiles on the skirt.



Step 3

tape3-écolièrePut on the black fine felt, add details such as the eyebrows, the locks of hair, the inside of the eyes, add fine lines underneath, top, left and right of each line on the skirt, shadows in the node…

On the collar, on the bow tie and at the ends of the sleeves, add black strips, then remove the remaining traces of pencil with an eraser and do not forget to color the elastic in the hair then the details at the bottom of the shirt.



Step 4

tape4-écolièreNow with any computer editing software, felt or even colored pencil, color the character with the main colors of your choice.



Step 5

And finally, if you wish, add shadows and lights to your character’s hair, skin and shirt to make it more realistic.