Manga Tutorial : Young Couple

Here is a tutorial to learn how to draw a couple of Manga / Anime characters

Here is the first Manga / Anime couple tutorial ! These two young characters come straight from the Manga book Hiiro no Kakera. They are Takuma and Tamaki.

Tamaki is a cheerful girl with a gentle nature. She always smiles to reassure and encourage her friends.

Takuma is a calm boy. Despite this, he still has a fairly immature side.

With this tutorial, you will be able to draw this beautiful couple.





Step 1 

To begin, make a preparatory sketch with the main lines of the two characters.

To do this, use a wooden pencil with the HB hue and an eraser to erase any errors you may make.

Tip : Size your pencil well and do not press too hard when you draw the lines. It’s also necessary that your gum is very white to not make traces by erasing.

Begin the main lines starting from the extremities of your drawing sheet. Then, trace the contours of the faces and only after the hair.

Once you have finished the outlines, think of showing your drawing to your friends. They could help you and tell you if something is wrong before you really start to work on the details of the characters.



Step 2

After plotting the main lines, you can get into the details, and draw the hands and the clothes of the characters.

Begin with the clothes of the girls, then those of the boy, this will help you to have landmarks to draw hands.

By realizing your work step by step, it avoids that you intermingle the brushes and that you do not know by where you started.







Step 3

This complicates a bit, now you have to draw the faces of the two characters and finish the hair. I suggest you start with the most complicated : the eyes. Be careful and concentrate to draw them, eyes are very important !

First realize the outline of the eyes, inside draw the pupil and add some shades of grey without forgetting to leave a small white spaces in each eye. Once you have drawn the eyes, check that it fits in the face otherwise you will have to start again. Then draw the nose and the mouth.

Now you only have hair left to draw, they are relatively simple. Begin by the hair of the boy and give them a movement effect. For those of the girl be careful to show well that the hair is tied, and that the two front strands are detached.

Bravo ! You have drawn faces of you characters !




Step 4

This step is the simplest step of all.

All you have to do is to use a black felt tip with fine tip and redraw on the lines drawn with pencil.

Once finished do not forget to erase the lines drawn with pencil, with a good quality eraser.

Tip : Be careful to keep the fineness of the eyes ! 








Step 5

The last step is the one that will take the most time, you will have to use wooden pencils B2, B3, H2, if possible a “stamper” and of course your HB pencil.

Begin with the hair, it’s the darkest places of the drawing. For this, use the B2 pencil and fill all the hair. Then, use the B3 pencil and fill some strands of hair to give a movement effect in the hair.

Draw the folds of the clothes with your H2 pencil, once you have drawn it use your “stamper” if you have one, if not using a Q-tip. Blend while filling the entire surface of the garment.

Finally, with your HB pencil, fill inside the sleeves or the outline of it to create a shadow effect.

You have now finished your drawing. Congratulations and see you soon !