Tutorial : Mandala with Fluo colors by Domandalas

Domandalas is a fervent user of our website since its beginnings, and since May 2017 she’s one of our featured artists.

She gives us her secrets to make a coloring page from a Mandala drawing with colors full of life and harmony.

If you like the “fluo” colors, follow this tutorial to successfully choose them, and to master them.



To color, you have to settle down, choose your coloring page, abstract or not.

Turn up (or not) music, if it helps you focus.

Prepare your favorite coloring material (fine or big felts, colored pencils, pens … ).

For this tutorial, I choose an abstract Mandala.





I try to give it an interpretation that can influence the setting of colors.

Inside, I see a sun and flowers. There will be a dominant of warm tones: red, orange, yellow.

Outside, the geometric motifs remind me of Amerindian colors: blue and red.





I start with the rays of the sun. You can start anywhere on the sheet. You are free of your choice and your space.

Now, I work on the second part of the mandala. I alternate red and blue for the triangles. For the diamond shapes, I will put the colors of the sun and triangles.






I apply 5 colors, just to see the result. Satisfied with it, I complete the other diamond shapes.









Then I alternate green and orange.

I use yellow in the squares and the ovals.








I color the flowers in two colors because they are never composed of a single color in the reality.








I use blue in the remaining squares.

I will alternate blue and violet around the sun. Avoiding that blue juxtaposes too much orange, which can give an aggressive visual reaction.

To make the background a little more harmonious, I cheated a little 🙂 I added green, to avoid unbalancing the final result.





I alternate yellow and green to finish.









And now, it’s over.

I spent an hour of pure happiness !