Celtic Art Coloring Pages for Adults - Page 4

The Celts were an Indo-European people of the Iron Age and Medieval Europe.
We know this Civilization above all thanks of their Art, indeed the Celts have left us very few written records.

The influences of Celtic Art are diverse : Etruscan, Greek, Scythian, then Latin, and finally Germanic and Christian.
In many works and objects of art we find shapes inspired by nature, especially interlace patterns.
This Celtic knot tradition inspired the intricate tattoo designs we see today !

Discover some coloring pages inspired by real works from the Celtic Art.

Coloring celtic art 61

Celtic Art

Coloring celtic art 62

Peacock, drawn with Celtic Art style

Coloring celtic art 63

The Tree of life (Celtic Art)

Coloring celtic art 64

Celtic Art abstract design

Coloring celtic art 65

Celtic Art design : 2 men / 2 animals