Ladybug Coloring Pages for Adults and Kids

Ladybug, also known as Ladybird or Lady Beetle, is a small, colorful insect that is often associated with good luck and protection from pests in many cultures.
These tiny creatures, with their distinctive spotted appearance, are revered for their role in controlling garden pests, making them a symbol of natural pest management and harmony in the garden.

Ladybug on a leave

Cute ladybug on a leave, with flowers in background

Lines of the ladybug

This beautiful ladybug walking around Zentangle flowers needs a coloring!

A beautiful spring day

Garden with pretty butterflies, ladybugs and a cat contemplating the flowers

Ladybugs on leaves

Cute Ladybugs and caterpillars on leaves

Savage skull with insects

A skull full of insects, flowers and birds looking straight out of a peaceful meadow