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Sphynx cat, bees and metal chain

Sphynx cat head surrounded by roses, bees and a metal chain

Christmas Doodle

A cute Doodle to celebrate Christmas

Coloring page adult draw manga demon by valentin

Coloring page of a devil in manga / anime style

Monster Doodle and funny bugs

An original style for a monstrous DoodleA dinosaur-like monster and its strange universe, drawn in the manner of Doodles, without any draft or pre-planned thinking. And if you also color this drawing "by instinct", as it was drawn?

Croquis de Pinocchio (Disney)

Coloriez ces sketches of Pinocchio

Sketches of various Disney characters (1)

Snow White, Mickey Mouse, the Aristochats ...

Sketches of various Disney characters (2)

Cinderella, Tinkerbell, Bambi ...

Fashion sketch

Fashion sketch (Balmain Collection)

Fashion sketches from the late '20s

Fashion sketches from the late '20s

Coloring adult croquis mode annees 20

Croquis mode annees 20

Coloring adult croquis mode 1949

Croquis mode 1949

Coloring adult croquis mode 1947

Croquis mode 1947