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A trip to Java with Amreta

We are delighted to introduce to you Amreta, a talented javanese artist with whimsy drawings inspired by her culture.


amreta 1
The artist, Amreta Sidik

Hello Amreta. Could you introduce yourself in a few words to our web users ?

Hi there ! My name is Amreta and I’m a proud late-bloomer, self-taught artist living in Jakarta, Indonesia. I create both colourful artwork and colouring pages, mostly inspired by nature, animal, javanese puppets (wayang) and swedish kurbits. I’m also a firm believer of a creative process called “trial-and-error”.


How did your passion for drawings come up to you ?

I was born into a pair of artist parents, but I never wanted to be an artist until my late twenties when I started to create my own graphics since I couldn’t find suitable graphics for my first website. I was hooked. It was like revisiting my childhood time watching my father creating his paintings..

Did you pursue artistic studies or did you learn by yourself ?

I learned by myself.


Which artists inspire you in your work ?

My favourites are Joan Miró, Henri Mattisse, Pablo Picasso, Paul Klee and Wassily Kandinsky. I grew up leaving books about them at my father’s studio. But from the current generation, Lisa Congdon is my favourite.


Are you interested in others types of art  ? If you do, do you like to include them in your work ?

I’m a javanese classical dancer since age 4 as well as a classical violinist since age 13, they all preceded my drawing artwork, which I think makes it natural that my artwork is so much influenced by javanese and classical traditions.


Dancing Javanese dolls


How would you describe your art ?

I call the style “folksy graphicalicious”, it’s a mix of graphical abstract influenced by my own interpretation of folk art


Nowadays, do you think that coloring pages have positive effects on adults ?

Yes I do ! I’m a living proof, sort of. I started drawing colouring pages during a stressful phase in my life a few years ago. To ease the stress, I used my lunch break at work to draw on paper and colour them. I always felt better after each break, and then my friends started to notice and they suggested if I could turn my drawings into coloring pages for them to colour as well. It’s still my favourite lunch break activity.


Thank you Amreta for sharing your work with us.

If you are interested in her drawings, check out her website and her artist page, you won’t be disappointed 😀 !