Alan F

When he was a child, Alan discovers a leisure that will become his passion : drawing.

Student in north of France, he studies visual communication. Among many subjects, he appreciates one in particular : the 2D Illustration. Indeed, drawing characters on computer or with hands is his favorite pastime.
Later, Alan wants to work in video games or cartoons.

For our website, he realized coloring pages such as a majestic dragon, a phoenix or a drawing with Star Wars characters.

When Alan has no pencil in hands, he plays video games or listens music to relax in another way.

Dragon from Dragonball

Dragon inspired by the Manga / Anime Dragonball


Incredible Phoenix

Stars wars fanart

Star wars fan art coloring page, with Kylo Ren, Stormtroopers and the Death star

Mandalas tentacles

a Mandala with Tentacles