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Interview of a coach in well-being

We interviewed a coach in well-being from the company Bias Coaching.

Bias Coaching
Bias Coaching

1 – Could you speak me about your job ?

I’m a professional coach. My goal is to take care for people in the « change ». Whether it is a professional change (a new job, a creation of business,…) or a most personal change like like having to move out.

We have a particularity : we don’t advise. We ask a lot of questions to help the patient to find himself the solutions to his problems. However, we aren’t psychologist. We pay attention to the solution and not to the reason.

2 – Do you use coloring pages to help people solve their problems ?

I frequently use coloring pages in my consultations. I’m a coach specialized for the children, so using this technique is easy with this type of person. For the adults, it’s a bit more complicated. They think « coloring page is for children », but they’re wrong !

Generally, i do not impose to color a coloring page. If i feel an affinity for the person to make it, i will propose it to him.

coloring page elephant

3 – How do you analyse a coloring page ?

I’m interesting about the question « why ». Why the choice of this model ? Why this colors ?…I’m also interested about the feeling of the patient during the coloring.

4 – Why the coloring page is used to fight the stress ?

Coloring a coloring page requires to follow the lines, think about the colors,… you must be concentrated. Through that, you can forget your problems during a few hours and rest your mind.


5 – Are you convinced that coloring page can help people ?

Not necessary to resolve the problems but just to relax. It’s an entertainment. Have time for yourself is very important.

After all this informations, chose one of our coloring pages and begin your therapy !