Intros Mandala

Discover our different themes of free Mandala to print and color, for children and adults. The Mandala coloring has many therapeutic virtues : relax and take your stress aways thanks to these diversified designs.

Mandala with Animals
One of the favorites types of designs of those you like mandala coloring is for sure the Mandala coloring pages with animals.
In these pages, you will find various animals, and even insects !
Sometimes, the animal occupies the entire central portion, or is used as repeating units. And in some of our Mandalas drawing pages, the animal will really appear when the coloring will be achieved !

Mandala with Flowers
What more beautiful than Mandalas created with leaves, flowers, branches and roots … ?
You will benefit from wonderful moments of coloring with these high quality drawings, made by great illustrators. Coloring mandalas might seem like a trivial activity but it has hundreds of healing and relaxation effects on the body !

Mandalas with Geometric patterns

These Mandalas are for those who like symmetry, regularity, normality …
Indeed, all these drawings are made of geometric patterns : squares, triangle, circles …
We have easy Mandalas for children, and very very difficult ones, for adults ! When you’re coloring a mandala, you can’t think about anything else. That clears the mind to be able to focus. So, prepare your pencils, pens & markers !

Zen & Anti-stress Mandalas

In these pages you will find our Mandalas coloring pages made to help you feel better.
Did you know ? To Tibetans, mandalas are the Architecture of Enlightenment. A mandala creates a temple in two dimensions, and this temple is accessible to the human mind in meditation. These coloring pages offer relaxation, hope, insight, and comfort to people who are just ready to color it. The range of benefits from coloring a mandala range from emotional to health, from mental clarity to spiritual growth.

Mandalas with Characters

This type of mandala is rarer than others offered on the website. Indeed, in these pages you will find Mandala coloring pages made with drawings of various characters.
It can be real or imaginary characters, with the whole body or only the face, and also masks …
As in all our thematic galleries, the difficulty level varies, so these Free Mandalas to print & color are available to all : children to adults. Once you get started coloring Mandalas, you’ll find it very hard to stop !

Tattoo Idea with Mandalas

Here are Mandalas that can of course be printed and colored, but that we have gathered in this gallery because they can serve as great tattoo ideas.

We hope that these beautiful designs will give you inspiration in your choice of Mandalas Tattoos !

Various styles and themes are present.

Easy Mandalas for kids

Here are some Easy Mandala coloring pages for kids, or even for adults who would like to begin to color this simple designs before working on more difficult …
Thanks to visual stimulation, color Mandalas encourages kids to create, imagine and find harmony in their emotional disorder. Furthermore, it helps children improve the accuracy of their writing skills, and also, for the youngest, the skills needed to manipulate certain objects.

Simple Mandalas

These Mandalas are for children who are ready to color coloring pages with medium to little details, or for adults who want to color without spending too much time.
Here are some benefits of mandala coloring : it helps to stabilize blood pressure, increases creativity and self-awareness, reduces anxiety, relaxes muscles. It also increases self-confidence : you are free to color outside the lines if you want

Difficult Mandalas (for adults)

This page contains Difficult (but not too much) Mandala coloring pages. In these designs, there are little details, complex and well drawn patterns, various objects …
It’s perfect to spend good time (and most of all very relaxing time !) while coloring.
Chose which of these drawings inspire you the most ! There are many studies proving the benefits of using mandalas for gaining self-awareness, self-expression and even conflict resolution.

Very difficult Mandalas (for adults)

If you like difficulty… real difficulty … If you have time and most of all patience … These complex Mandala coloring pages are undoubtedly made for you !
Chose the colors chosen by your instinct … The freedom is total.
Mandalas, and especially the most complex, have been shown in clinical studies to boost the immune system, reduce stress and pain, lower blood pressure, promote sleep and ease depression.