Insects Coloring pages for kids

Insects can seem elegant, scary or disgusting ... But not for kids ! Indeed, children often adore insects, whatever the species.

In this gallery of insect coloring pages, your kid can chose between species : Butterflies, Bees, Centipedes ...

Coloring magnificent butterfly

Magnificent but simple Butterfly

Coloring simple butterfly flying

Flying butterfly

Coloring night butterfly

Night butterfly, very realistic

Coloring little butterfly

Little butterfly full of details

Coloring butterfly with simple patterns and hearts

Kid coloring page of a butterfly, for the younger kids

Coloring dogs playing with butterflies

Dogs playing with butterflies

Coloring hippopotamus and butterflies

Simple drawing of a Hippopotamus playing with butterflies

Coloring simple symetric butterfly

Simple & symetric Butterfly

Coloring simple butterfly

Very smart butterfly to print & color

Coloring bees and flowers

Bees & flowers

Coloring funny bee

Funny bee

Coloring scary spider

The scary spider !!

Coloring caterpillar in a pear

Caterpillar in a pear

Coloring caterpillar

Hungry caterpillar

Coloring insect ant

The ant : very realistic and easy to color