Pirates Coloring pages for kids

In these coloring pages, we present you different kind of pirates.
Some seems to be very smart, others no so much ...

You will also see well knowns faces, as some of our pirate coloring pages are inspired by famous characters (real or not).

Coloring funny pirate

Funny & young pirate to print & color

Coloring pirate big boat

Big pirate boat with Jolly Roger flag

Coloring pirate difficult

Difficult coloring page of a strange pirate

Coloring pirates boat

Beautiful pirate boat to color

Coloring disney jack the pirate

Disney's Jack The Pirate

Coloring pirate and his treasure

A pirate and his treasure on a litle island

Coloring pirate child

Printable Coloring Page for Kids of a pirate with a wooden leg

Coloring treasure isle

Funny pirate on a treasure island

Coloring monkey pirate

Monkey pirate

Coloring pirate big boat

Giant pirate boat

Coloring pirate flag

The famous Jolly Roger flag with its human face skull

Coloring pirate head

Pirate head to print & color