Geisha Coloring Pages for Adults and Kids

Geishas are iconic figures of Japanese culture, renowned for their artistry and grace in traditional music, dance, and entertainment. Dressed in intricately designed kimonos with painted faces and elegant hairstyles, they captivate audiences through centuries-old rituals and performances.
While often misunderstood by the Western world, the role of the geisha is deeply embedded in Japan’s history, representing both the preservation of tradition and the embodiment of art and elegance.

Main gallery :

Beautiful geisha and fan

Beautiful geisha and fan, with flowers in her dress and around

Geisha and flowers

Geisha and flowers

Geisha with beautiful hair and flowers

Geisha with beautiful hair and flowers

Geisha looking very concentrated

Beautiful Geisha to color

Dreamy Geisha

A pretty Geisha, very realistic, to color

Simple Geisha in Japan

Coloring of a young Geisha

Cartoon Geisha

Cartoon Geisha coloring page

Geisha with a fan

Geisha with a fan

Geisha with beautiful dress

Geisha in gorgeous dress full of intricate patterns

Japanese Landscape with Mount Fuji and Japanese woman

Japanese Landscape with Japanese woman and flowers and a cute bird. Mount Fuji and sea in background

Japanese woman in kimono and Mount Fuji

Japanese landscape with Mount Fuji and sea, with Japanese woman in kimino, traditional flowers and a pretty bird

Geisha with umbrella

Simple portrait of a Geisha, with her cute umbrella

Geisha in kimono with floral motifs

Exclusive drawing inspired by a painting with a Japanese Geisha

Coloring japan two women on a veranda

Coloring page created from the drawing "Two women in a veranda" by the Japanese artist Suzuki Harunobu (18th century)

Coloring pages adults drawing created from tea house by nakayada 1794

Pages adults drawing created from tea house by nakayada 1794

Coloring page adult urielle sweet contemplation

Sweet Contemplation

Coloring adult japan geisha with fan by Krystsina Birukova

Geisha with is fan, next to a Cherry Blossom

Coloring japan herborist

The herborist

Coloring adult geisha face by mizu

Exclusive coloring page "Geisha Apprentice"

Coloring little japanese child style drawing

Little japanese child style drawing

Coloring japanese woman with hat

Japanese Elegant woman with hat

Elegant Japanese woman

Elegant Japanese woman in traditional dress

Lovely and refined Geisha

A beautiful Black & White drawing of a japanese with umbrella and évantail

Coloring japan traditional makeup

Japanese and their traditional make-up ... It's up to you to chose the colors you want !