Maneki neko Coloring Pages for Adults (based on Keywords)

The MANEKINEKO or the Beckoning Cat, but also the Fortune Cat (Japanese: 招き猫?) is very popular in Japanese and Chinese cultures.

It’s a lucky cat charm, that has one paw raised in what looks like a kind of wave. These cats are believed to attract good fortune.

Add some colors to these various coloring pages of Maneki-Neko !

  • White maneki neko often with tricolor spots or patches : This is considered to bring pure good luck because tricolor cats are not an everyday occurrence, much like good luck
  • Gold maneki neko color : This is believed to invite in money and wealth
  • Black maneki neko color : This is thought to ward off evil and disease

Maneki Neko with flowers and leaves

Color this Maneki Neko (literally 'beckoning cat') and all the cute elements around him

Maneki Neko Mandala

A cute Maneki Neko cat (Japanese figurine : lucky charm, talisman) in a Mandala full of waves (Japanese graphic design style)

Maneki Neko and The Great Wave

Cute Maneki Neko with other symbols of Japon : Rising Sun Flag, Cherry blossom flowers and The Great Wave off Kanagawa !

Maneki Neko babies

These little Maneki Neko kneeling on a bigger one are too cute ... Add them some colors !

Mandala with three Maneki Neko

Color these three cute cats on this Mandala inspired by Japan : Mount Fuji, Cherry Blossom flowers, waves ...

Dancing Maneki Neko cat

An happy Maneki Neko partying in front of different Japan's symbols : lantern, the Great Wave, cherry blossoms, fans ...

Maneki Neko in front of Japan's Mount Fuji (complex version)

Maneki Neko cats with complex patterns, in a little house near Mount Fuji

Maneki Neko in front of Japan's Mount Fuji (simple version)

Color these three Maneki Neko cats, who are in a cute house in front of Japan’s Mount Fuji