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The meaning of colors

Coloring page don’t have any secret for you. You use the colored pencil like a master. But, do you know the colors meaning ?

This article can change you manner to coloring.

The different colors
The different colors

Red : the uncontrollable

Obviously, red is color of fire. And it burns ! But it’s also and especially uncontrollable. Appease this color can be difficult !

All meaning of the red color :

  • The love : to be romantic, passioned, wait the Valentine’s day.
  • The hatred : Against someone or something ? do you know the expression « to see red »?
  • The power : The 3rd Reich, Communist parties, Coca-cola,…
  • The temptation : « all sinners will go in hell » heartily, The devil.

This color can’t be neutral !

Blue : the calm

We can say that the Blue raise tranquility. For Egyptian, this color represented the infinity. It’s the color of the sea and the sky.

Do you remember our high school lessons ? What is the color of the peacekeeping soldiers ?

Blue ! well ! Blue for peace !

Green : The harmony

The green is the color of nature, rest, youth, or again successIt can transcript the serenity. Live in forest, in harmony with nature and be happy : his perfect caricature !

Black : The negative

For the largest part of the people, this color (with the white, it is not really a color), represents death, sadness, darkness, … many things not very cool except if you are a teenager, with long hair and black metal music.

However, in our modern society, the black color is more « noble ». It is elegant.

White : the positive

Thanks to religious influence, this color represent goodness, peace, and virginity.

3 evidences :

  • Good guys in movies
  • The white flag for indicate peace
  • The weeding dress is white

As black color, it’s become a sober and elegant color.

Grey : the depression

The grey nuances aren’t good sign. Nature tell us ! When the sky is grey, it’s time to stay in home and depress.

Yellow : the happiness

When the sun is out, we are more happy, and with more energy. It’s the signification the most popular ! However, this color can represent betrayal and richness.

Orange : the sympathie

This color is rarely used ! It’s is use for express sympathy but loyalty and boldness too.

Purple : The knowledge

It’s the color of knowledge, and suffering.

Now, you can express you’re creativity !