TOP 10 of objects to color

Coloring pages fans never have too much of coloring. Here are a TOP 10 of objects than can be … colored ! It’s a new customer trend that you can’t ignore. It’s certainly the better way to be relaxed at 100% in your everyday life. Let’s go !

1 – Shoes


How to be fashion and not look like everybody ? With these beautiful and original shoes. Take your better felt-pens and let express your imagination !

2 – Protective covers


Rather than spend your time to play with Candy Crush on your smartphone, why don’t make a little coloring page ? Discover these incredible protective covers.

3 – Tables


Here’s your chance to show all your friends your sense of creativity and originality ! Interior design reach another level ! You’ll just need a simple and very affordable IKEA table. Ready to discover it ? Relaxation 100% guarantee.

4 – Bags


We present you know … the coloring bag.
Besides being too cool, it’s also very practical !

5 – Wallpappers

rouleau-coloriage-geant-paris (1)
Choose a wallpaper of this kind to design your room or living room. You will need a lot of courage to finish it.
Why not offer your guests the possibility to color a part of your home, during their visit ? You can also color the wallpaper in family !

6 – Tee-shirts

Like all children, your kids certainly like to daub their clothes. The solution ? Give them a tee shirt that they can color !
Caution : you’ll need special pens to keep the colors after washing …

7 – Placemats

city-map-set-de-table (1) copie
Several restaurants have already adopted it, why not you at home ?
Each family member will have his personalized placemat !

8 – Vehicles


This truck is certainly the first that people were allowed to color ! a large area to let passersby express their creativity.

9 – Packagings


Oreo is getting into coloring pages trend with these incredible colorable packaging !

More informations on this packaging here.

10 – Masks

cahier-de-masques-graffy-pop-a-colorier-avenue-mandarine-garcon (1) copie
Let your kids create their own carnival costumes with these coloring masks.
It also can be a good birthday activity.

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