Winner of the creative contest “Leen Margot’s Licorn”

?? END OF THE CREATIVE CONTEST “Leen Margot’s Licorn”  ? ?

As promised, here is the announcement of the great winners of our last  creative contest !

Before that, we want to thank the 50 participants as well as our partner Leen Margot !

You honored her beautiful coloring page with your incredible creations !

You spent a moment of complicity in the family or for yourself to relax.

Passion and investment are present in each of your creations, you really impressed us ! ?

Here are the six winners of our creative contest:

The First : ? : Stéphanie Thomas, a great BRAVO !! You won the sublime coloring book The Beauty and the Beast !!

The second, third and fifth : Chrystel Florenson, Dorothée Petit Bec, Christelle Claisse and Zoé Camaieu ! Congratulations! You won the coloring book the mysterious creatures of the enchanted forest!

The sixth person, who was chosen by drawing lots : Brigitte Lair ! ?Your gift : the coloring pages The therapy Cat : 100 anti-stress coloring pages ?

The winners can now send us their contact information by Facebook private message !

To see all the creations participating in our contest, access to our Facebook Album


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