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You like Mangas ? Visit the JAPAN EXPO in Paris


The Japan Expo which takes place in Paris every year is a four days’ festival where about 250 000 visitors have met since 1999. More than 700 exhibitors come to share their creativity and their passions. The main animations are held on the different scenes.

What is it?

japan-expo-2013-des-filles-sexy-en-costume_128894_wideThis unmissable event brings together Japanese culture and leisure devotees.

For some visitors now regular, this appointment has become a routine.

Dressed in various outfits, they wander the aisles looking for goodies to buy such as cuddly toys, katanas, accessories, clothes …

The Japan Expo is a fun and participatory festival. Its target remains generally young but the phenomenon of generations renewal and the multitude of themes attract every year new enthusiasts or curious people of different ages.


A meeting place

Indeed, there are many themes. This exhibition evidently presents the universe of Mangas, animes, video games and superhero films thanks to the presence of publishers, Mangakas, producers and directors. Many of them are coming straight from Japan especially for this event to the delight of the Japanese culture lovers.


Many discoveries

You will also find traditional sports such as the Kyudo which is the Japanese archery or demonstrations of martial arts and conferences concerning the art of living.

la-japan-expo-est-une-excursion-au-japon-a-parisDo not be afraid, if you are getting hangry over your visit, you will find different stands of Japanese food!


Live concerts allow young (or less young) artists to present the variety of Japanese music.


Finally, a whole scene is devoted to the cosplayers performances who wear breath-taking costumes!


Next edition

The Japan Expo of Paris is now the inevitable meeting of Japanese culture and leisure devotees.

If this article convinced you to take part in its 18th edition, from 6th to 9th July 2017, do not delay to buy your tickets on its website!

If you prefer stay online, on our website you can visit our Manga coloring pages gallery, or our Manga Tutorials.