Superman Coloring Pages for Adults and Kids

Superman, also known as Clark Kent or Kal-El, stands as an enduring symbol of hope and justice in the vast landscape of comic book heroes. Originating from the doomed planet Krypton, he was sent to Earth by his parents to escape its destruction. Raised in Smallville by Martha and Jonathan Kent, he embodies the values of humanity, despite his extraterrestrial origin.

As he matures, Clark discovers his extraordinary abilities, such as flight, super-strength, and heat vision, setting him apart from others. Donning the iconic blue suit and red cape, he becomes Superman, Metropolis’s guardian and a beacon of hope for people worldwide. However, it’s not just his superpowers that define him, but his unwavering moral compass, his perpetual battle against threats like Lex Luthor, and his secret love for Lois Lane. Through countless tales of heroism, Superman remains a testament to the potential for goodness in us all.

Main gallery :

Superman and Wonder Woman in love

Superman and Wonder Woman in love

Flying Superman   3

Superman in full flight, cape in the wind

Flying Superman   2

Superman, flying through the sky

Coloring flying superman 1

Flying superman 1

Justice League

The Justice League movie was released in 2017, for this occasion we created an original coloring page

Coloring inspired by the superhero Superman

Coloring inspired by the superhero Superman

Here Lies an American Legend

Funeral with DC Comics and Marvel heroes : Superman, Thor, Hawkeye, Batman, Iron Man ...

Fight between Hulk and Superman

An incredible Fight ! Who will win beetwen these two super heros ? Hulk (from Marvel) or Superman (from DC Comics) ?