Tintin Coloring Pages for Adults and Kids

Tintin is a beacon of adventure and courage in the world of comic strips, created by the Belgian cartoonist Hergé (pseudonym for Georges Remi) in 1929. Hailing from Belgium, this intrepid young reporter, with his iconic quiff and loyal fox terrier, Snowy (Milou in French), journeys across the globe, unraveling mysteries and confronting villains.

Set against diverse backdrops, from the exotic streets of Cairo to the moon’s lunar surface, Tintin’s tales meld adventure, detective work, and humor. Alongside an ensemble of memorable characters such as the gruff but endearing Captain Haddock, the ingenious Professor Calculus, and the bumbling detectives, Thomson and Thompson, Tintin’s adventures have been translated into numerous languages, with millions of copies sold worldwide.

More than just comics, the series offers a rich tapestry of historical and cultural references, making The Adventures of Tintin a timeless classic beloved by both children and adults.

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Coloring page tintin the blue lotus

Coloring page created from "The Blue Lotus" : the fifth volume of The Adventures of Tintin

Coloring tintin in america

Tintin in america

Coloring tintin characters lotus bleu

Tintin characters lotus bleu

Coloring tintin on a elephant

Tintin on a elephant

Coloring tintin the blue lotus

Tintin the blue lotus

Coloring tintin tintin in america

Tintin tintin in america

Coloring tintin prisoners of sun drawing

Tintin prisoners of sun drawing

Coloring tintin the seven christal balls

Tintin the seven christal balls

Coloring drawing inspired by de tintin in tibet by derib

Drawing inspired by de tintin in tibet by derib

Coloring tintin dupont dupond

Tintin dupont dupond

Coloring tintin destination moon

Tintin destination moon