Avengers Coloring Pages for Adults and Kids

The Avengers, first assembled by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1963’s The Avengers #1, have transformed from a dynamic team-up of Marvel’s elite comic superheroes to a global cinematic phenomenon.

From their early comic adventures battling threats like Loki, to the culturally iconic 2012 film that united them against a common foe, The Avengers have grown and evolved, symbolizing unity and heroism in an ever-changing world.

Main gallery :

Spiderman above the rooftops of New York City

Spiderman above the rooftops of New York City

Spiderman in New York

Spiderman in New York

Spiderman ready for battle

Spiderman ready for battle

Spider Man coloring (Fan art)

Spider-Man is one of the most popular and commercially successful superheroes. Color him in action in New York !

Coloring butterfly beautiful patterns 13

Butterfly with beautiful patterns - 13

Coloring Marvel Thanos

Thanos with the bodies of the Avengers he killed : Hulk, Spiderman, Iron man, Black widow

Coloring thanos marvel

Thanos, the supervillain from Marvel Comics. Coloring page inspired by a fan-art drawing by Kevin Sharpe.

Coloring page fan art guardians of the galaxy will robson

Fan art drawing inspired by "The guardians of the Galaxy" (by Will Robson)

Captain america vs Hitler

Captain america vs Hitler

Spider Man vs Venom

Spider-Man fighting against his nemesis, Venom

Captain America (original Comic books cover)

Captain America original Comic Books Cover

Spider Man & Wolverine

Spider man & Wolverine

Coloring movie avengers

Coloring picture based on the Avengers Movie poster

Coloring complex avengers details

Complex avengers details

The powerful Hulk and the other heroes

Hulk overlooking by his size and strength the other powerful heroes

Coloring adult avengers battle

Original drawings of the Avengers

Vintage Avenger poster

Vintage Avenger Poster

Coloring difficult avengers

A T-REX part of the Avengers ? Really ?

Coloring adult xmen avengers

Xmen avengers

Fight between Hulk and Superman

An incredible Fight ! Who will win beetwen these two super heros ? Hulk (from Marvel) or Superman (from DC Comics) ?

Avengers movie poster

The super heroes Captain America, Iron man, Thor... from the Avengers comics book