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Top 10 Zentangle books

We suggested you previously the top 10 Mandalas coloring books, now here are the best Zentangle books available.

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one zentangle a day#1 : One Zentangle A Day

This book is by far the most complete in terms of Zentangles. Whether you are a Zentangle addict or a beginner, you will easily find your happiness. This 128 pages book offers you the opportunity to learn how to draw Zentangles day by day, with your own rhythm. You will learn step-by-step how to draw various patterns, how to create shades, specific curves or lines. With this book there is one motto : Tangle & Chill !

the art of zentangle#2 : The Art of Zentangle

This Zentangle book include 50 inspiring patterns waiting for your creativity. As our number one book, you will find advice leading you step-by-step to improve your skills or to learn the basics. Inspiring, this book takes our second place thanks to his numerous artistic ideas.

joy#3 : Joy of Zentangle

With this book you will have a hundred patterns to work on. Very good looking, it matches perfectly with persons who wants to discover this type of doodling and take some rest at the same time. Advice are detailed and will make you progress quickly : from novice you will become a confirmed doodler !

zentangle the inspiring#4 : Zentangle : The inspiring and mindful drawing workbook

For a reasonable price (10$), you can get this complete Zentangles drawing book. Good paper quality, ideas to decorate stuff (postcard, cups, gift boxes…), ton of patterns to work on : this book is perfect for those who want to get into the fascinating world of tangling.

untangled#5 : The Zentangle untangled workbook

From the Australian author Kass Hall, a mixed-artist and writer, this guide is will help you to express your creativity. For those who begin with this activity, everything is detailed and explained, this permitting you to learn the various technics at your rhythm.

500 tangled#6 : 500 Tangled Artworks

This Zentangle book is different from those seen previously. With 500 Tangled Artworks, you will enjoy hundreds of Zentangle creations from many artists. Split into 6 chapters, this book will give you the opportunity to open up your mind on all the ways to create Zentangles. There is so much eye-candy in this book that you won’t put you’re eyes down !

yoga for brain#7 : Yoga for your brain : A zentangle workout

Sandy S. Bartholomew is certified Zentangle teacher (CZT) and with her whimsy book you will find 60 Zentangle patterns to reproduce. Advice and explanations are easily understood, but you rather be a confirmed doodler if you want to purchase this book ! The author guides you step-by-step through different patterns, with relaxing and pleasant moments.

zentangle basics#8 : Zentangle Basics

As the title said, this Zentangle guiding book introduce you to the world of doodling. With 24 patterns to work on, you will learn the basics to draw Zentangles. Perfect for beginners or persons with no drawing skills !

totally tangled#9 : Totally Tangled

Also written by the CZT Bartholomew, this Zentangle book teaches you how to master the art of Zentangle through funny patterns but also coloring and shading techniques.

the beauty of zentangle#10 : Beauty of Zentangles

You will find the best Zentangles creations in this book by artists from all over the world. Including various models, you will admire these pieces of art while drawing.

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