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TOP 10 : Mandalas coloring books

For you, we have made a TOP 10 with the most interesting Mandala coloring books in this moment.

Ready ? So let’s go ! 🙂

#1 : Stress Less Coloring : MANDALAS


Why buy this book ?

It’s an amazing coloring book with more than 100 Mandalas.

This coloring pages are very, very, very good for the relaxation.

We think this book is the better reference. It is very complete, you can find into it Mandalas for all levels.




#2 : BALANCE by Angie GRACE

61YYzkOkyOL._SY498_BO1,204,203,200_Why buy this book ?

BALANCE is the one of the best Mandalas coloring books.

It’s a marvelous book, full of flowing, meticulously detailed, flawlessly balanced, intricate concentric patterns in circle form.

50 pages, all different enough to give you good moments of relaxation.

Very good paper quality, designs on only one side of the page … the ink won’t bleed into the next page …



#3 : CENTERED by Angie GRACE


Why buy this book ?

If you’ve liked BALANCE … this other Angie Grace’s book is very much pleasant.

CENTERED also includes 50 detailed Mandalas. Most of the designs are very detailed, you’ll need to use fine-point markers or colored pencils for the best results.



#4 : Adult Coloring Books


Why buy this book ?

The Mandalas of this coloring book are mostly inspired by the Henna, an arabic tattoo style.

You will also find in this book Paisley Patterns, Circular Mandalas, Flowers and a even few Animals.

Just a little problem : The designs are very very small. Its sometimes very hard to color the patterns … When it’s too difficult, it’s not very relaxing … So buy it only if you have the good pencils and if you’re not afraid by complexity.





#5 : DESIGNS Adult Coloring Book


Why buy this book ?

First, very google Price-Quality ratio.

Second : imaginative variety of design : Paisleys, Zentangle, Floral patterns and even one with Houses, each made up of balanced, flowing intricate details.

Very entertaining and relaxing.






#6 : MANDALAS by Two Hoots coloring


Why buy this book ?


Very original patterns, a lot of details …

Just a regret : The print quality of this book is a little bit poor. The lines are sometimes fuzzy or pixilated.

Just normal at this very low price (less than $5)







Why buy this book ?

100 Coloring pages in this book, including very original Mandalas ! Hours and hours of relaxation.

With these Mandalas, you will have the opportunity to color trees, houses, mountains, people, food, musical instruments, flowers and even a type of designs that we like very much in our team : Zentangles (click on the link to visit our website dedicated to this new simple form of art, for everyone) !





#8 : Creative Coloring MANDALAS


Why buy this book ?

A lot of Mandalas with comic diagrams. An interesting and original book for a good relaxing time.

“Each mandala is entirely detailed with small circles and lines then innovatively placed leaves and other miscellaneous shapes are added to create these intricate illustrations.” (Amazon buyer’s comment)

But… Just 30 coloring pages? We want more !






#9 : MANDALA Coloring Animals


Why buy this book ?

Do you like Mandalas ? Do you like Animals ? This book will become your reference.

A nice variety of animals to color, with interesting details. The elephant on the cover is representative of the style and complexity level that you’ll find inside the book.

A very good book if you prefer color real designs, more than abstract patterns.







#10 : The MANDALA Coloring Book


Why buy this book ?

Some of these mandalas are funky and fun, and others are more traditional. The paper has a nice thickness and good texture.

The book is simple enough to be relaxing and enjoyable but not too simple.

This is a great Mandala coloring book. There’s only about 3 pages of text in the whole thing and the other 200+ pages are designs to color.