“Art nouveau”

Art Nouveau or Jugendstil is an international philosophy and style of art, architecture and applied art – especially the decorative arts – that was most popular during 1890–1910. English uses the French name Art Nouveau ("new art"), but the style has many different names in other countries.

A reaction to academic art of the 19th century, it was inspired by natural forms and structures, not only in flowers and plants, but also in curved lines. Architects tried to harmonize with the natural environment.
(Source : Wikipedia)

Discover our free coloring pages inspired by the Art Nouveau style !

coloring will bradley woman peacock art nouveau

Woman and peacock : Coloring page inspired by a drawing by American artist William Bradley

coloring will bradley art nouveau women

Women in forest : Coloring page inspired by a drawing by American artist William Bradley

coloriang art new par valentin

A coloring page inspired by the famous posters of Alphonse Mucha

coloring page art nouveau J H Dearles Golden Lily 1899

Exclusive coloring page created from textile design "Golden Lily" by John Henry Dearle (1889). Color these entwining lily stems and tendrils ...

coloring page adult mucha triptych

A "triptych" coloriage page, created from a Alfonf Mucha's creation

coloring page adult Princess Leia by Juline

A mix of Mucha's posters and Leia Princess from Star Wars


Coloring page inspired by "Printemps" by Alfonse Mucha

coloring adult gustav klimt fish blood

Drawing by Gustav Klimt - Fish Blood (1891)

coloring adult art nouveau robert burns drawing 1891

Drawing by Robert Burns (1891)

coloring stained glass drawing art nouveau style

Coloring page from a Drawing of a stained glass "Art Nouveau" style (end of 19th century)

coloring art nouveau from climax by aubrey vincent beardsley 1893

Coloring page from "Climax" by Aubrey Vincent Beardsley (1893)

coloring art nouveau from le baiser by peter behrens 1898

Coloring page from "Le Baiser" by Peter Behrens (1898)

coloring art nouveau from lithography by ludwig von zumbush 1900

Coloring page from a lithography by Ludwig von Zumbush (1900)

coloring adult art nouveau style peacock

The peacock : an animal often used in Art Nouveau illustrations

coloring adult art nouveau style fire woman

A magical takeoff ...

coloring adult woman art nouveau style

Woman and flowers, by Angela R. Sasser

coloring adult queen art nouveau style

Coloring picture of A Queen

coloring adult arianrhod celtic goddess

Arianrhod, Celtic moon goddess : drawing with Art Nouveau style

coloring drawing woman inspiration art nouveau

Drawing of a woman, Art nouveau style

coloring adult casa batllo antoni gaudi barcelone

An original coloring page made with a black & white picture of the Casa Batllo Antoni Gaudi in Barcelone