Leen Margot presents her new book



Following the release of the new book of Leen Margot ‘Gribouillages au fil des pages’, we have interviewed the artist

Discover all the secrets of her new book.




What are the differences between this book and your other ones ?

This book allows beginner and experienced creators to express their creativity throughout the pages. The book exists in two formats, classic and ‘pocket’, which you can put in your handbag and bring where you want to spend the time faster, in a waiting room for exemple, or even to enjoy on the beach.

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Do you like Jewels ?

If you like Jewels, you MUST see this incredible book, available on Amazon.


Here is the full description :

This beautiful and intricate adult coloring book is filled with meticulously designed illustrations of jewelry.

From loose gems and chains, to beautifully adorned jewels and accessories, this detailed collection of images is just waiting to be brought to life with color. Featuring 25 unique and creative designs, ranging in complexity from moderate to advanced, this coloring book will provide hours and hours of stress relief, mindful calm, and fun, creative expression.

The illustrator is also a jewelry designer, which will be evident as you flip through the pages of this coloring book.

The delightfully rendered cover art provides examples of shading to create texture and shine that can be used throughout the book

In ou gallery “Fashion, Clothes and Jewels”, we are very pleased to offer you, thanks to the authors of this incredible book, 2 drawings … and even the cover, that can be colored !

Don’t wait and discover it !

We love it ! Disney Puppies

We have discovered the Coloring book “Disney Puppies”, by Hachette, and we love it !

Great coloring pages, with the cutest Disney characters. The paper quality is awesome …

Here is the cover of this book, and some of the coloring sheets (for information : there are 60 in the book)

disney puppies coloring book cover

disney puppies coloring book : bambie

disney puppies coloring book : ariel fish

disney puppies coloring book

disney puppies coloring book : aristocats

Don’t hesitate to visit our gallery “Return to childhood” or “Animals” if you like this type of coloring pages !

Adult Coloring Books : An amazing Success Story

Have you noticed ? Few years ago, in bookstores, you found few coloring books dedicated to adults … hidden in the aisles “creative hobbies”.
This type of activity was dedicated to children …

“In the years 2005-2010, when I wanted to color, I had to find coloring books for child with complex drawings ! For example, I remember of buying ‘Disney’s Princess & the frog coloring book’, there was some drawings with more details and complexity than others …” Meryl G on Facebook
Now, you can find hundreds of coloring books for grown-ups, in store aisles totally aimed to this type of book ! Adults are rediscovering that this hobby (that remind them their childhood) can provide them a lot of benefits : joy, quiet, relaxation …
Coloring books in a store
Coloring books in a store
In this page, we present you the history of this type of book, we explain why it’s such a huge success worldwide since few years, and we advise you the best books to buy (for beginners and experienced) !

New Contest “The big cake” ! Coloring books to win !

FACEBOOK CONTEST : Color this exclusive coloring page of big cake, post it in comment on Our Facebook page… and win the Coloring book”100 Cup Cakes to color” !!

2 winners : by random draw, and number of likes/comments


Rules :
– Coloring page to color : http://bit.ly/1Or17CB
– Winners :
>>> 1 : a coloring chosen by random draw
>>> 2 : the coloring with the most of likes and comments (sum of the two)
– End of the contest : 25 September 23h59 GMT
– Prize : The book “100 Cup Cakes to color” : http://amzn.to/1KawBI0

“Coloring for Grown-ups: The Adult Activity Book” by Ryan Hunter & Taige Jensen

“Coloring for Grown-ups: The Adult Activity Book” by Ryan Hunter & Taige Jensen is for sure the most original coloring book for adults ….

Very far from the typical coloring books (Zen, Anti-stress, animals, flowers …) these drawing represent some situations of the REAL life.

The topics that you could find in the works of Ryan Hunter  & Taige Jensen are : unemployment, sexual problemes, extremism, dependencies, etc … Very funny isn’t it ?
But it’s up to you to chose the colors … if you think the situation is funny or sad …

You will even color “magical coloring pages”, like in the example below :


It’s also a very good and original gift idea ! For adults for sure… Or people who enter in the adult age, to prepare themseleves to all the “joys” they will certain find in their future years !

In a HuffingtonPost article, authors says :

“It’s the type of coloring book you might leave on a coffee table for a hungover house guest to flip through after waking up from a night of questionable decision-making. You might scribble in it during your woefully short lunch break, or tear out a page and leave it as a surprise on the refrigerator of your least-hated friend. It’s for entertaining yourself while you wait for an overpaid medical professional to administer your basic human right to health care, or for distracting yourself within the confines of even the filthiest public restroom.”

You can find this book and others on Amazon, and other bookstores …


If you want to understand why they have imagine this book, look at this video …

If you want more typical coloring pages, you will find it on our website, just chose the gallery you wan’t to explore.

The best Coloring Books for adults (for us)

Since some years, plenty of Coloring books for adults have appeared in bookstores (virtual or real).


Everyone who want to color can now buy high quality coloring books, with different difficulty levels, and various themes.
These books can be purchased online or offline.

Be careful, sometimes the print zone is too close from the folding of the books, so it can be difficult to color some zones… And if you wan to cut up your works, you may tear a part of it !

For us, the best coloring book especially destinated to adults are the followings :

BUT if you want free content (to download and/or print), don’t hesitate to explore our website ! we propose hundred of great drawings to color, with numerous themes. Juste chose :

If there are themes that you think we should add, don’t hesitate to tell us : our Facebook page 

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