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“Coloring for Grown-ups: The Adult Activity Book” by Ryan Hunter & Taige Jensen

“Coloring for Grown-ups: The Adult Activity Book” by Ryan Hunter & Taige Jensen is for sure the most original coloring book for adults ….

Very far from the typical coloring books (Zen, Anti-stress, animals, flowers …) these drawing represent some situations of the REAL life.

The topics that you could find in the works of Ryan Hunter  & Taige Jensen are : unemployment, sexual problemes, extremism, dependencies, etc … Very funny isn’t it ?
But it’s up to you to chose the colors … if you think the situation is funny or sad …

You will even color “magical coloring pages”, like in the example below :


It’s also a very good and original gift idea ! For adults for sure… Or people who enter in the adult age, to prepare themseleves to all the “joys” they will certain find in their future years !

In a HuffingtonPost article, authors says :

“It’s the type of coloring book you might leave on a coffee table for a hungover house guest to flip through after waking up from a night of questionable decision-making. You might scribble in it during your woefully short lunch break, or tear out a page and leave it as a surprise on the refrigerator of your least-hated friend. It’s for entertaining yourself while you wait for an overpaid medical professional to administer your basic human right to health care, or for distracting yourself within the confines of even the filthiest public restroom.”

You can find this book and others on Amazon, and other bookstores …


If you want to understand why they have imagine this book, look at this video …

If you want more typical coloring pages, you will find it on our website, just chose the gallery you wan’t to explore.