TV shows coloring pages for adults

Cinema's dominance over the small screen is over !
TV Shows has now a lot of things to teach the movies: storytelling, introduction of characters, filmmaking, maintenance of suspense ...

In this gallery, you will find some adult coloring pages we made from pictures coming from TV shows : Game of thrones, Breawking bad, Dexter, The walking dead, and many others...

Choose your favorite television serie ! If you have TV shows you would like to color ... You can suggest it from our Facebook Page :)

coloring-page-adult-zombies-twd-lucille-by-allan free to print

Coloring page inspired by The Walking Dead's world also with the Negan's baseball bat : "Lucille"

coloring-adult-dexter-personnages-by_olechka01 free to print

Dexter TV serie main characters

coloring-adult-dexter-by-roachgrace free to print

Dexter character in comic book style

coloring-adult-breaking-bad-storyboard free to print

Breaking bad serie Storyboard, in black & white, to color

coloring-adult-breaking-bad-dessin free to print

A drawing inspired by Breaking Bad

coloring-adult-breaking-bad-angelarizza-tumblr-com free to print

Walter White ... and all its secrets

coloring-adult-walking-dead-by-mattjamescomicarts free to print

An incredible and creepy drawing ... Walking Dead !

coloring-adult-the-walking-dead-rick-atlanta-by-derekrodenbeck free to print

The Walking Dead : a drawing showing Rick in Atlanta

coloring-adult-the-walking-dead-by-kyleiam free to print

The Walking dead main characters

coloring-adult-the-walking-dead free to print

The walking dead

coloring-adult-game-of-thrones-visages free to print

Game of Thrones : Faces

coloring-adult-game-of-thrones-dessin free to print

Game of Thrones : Characters drawings

coloring-adult-game-of-thronesblasons_by_bozebus free to print

Game of Thrones : Blasons

coloring-adult-game-of-throne-ned-starck-trone free to print

Game of Thrones : Ned Starck drawing (2)

coloring-adult-game-of-throne-ned-starck-by-luxame free to print

Game of Thrones : Ned Starck drawing

coloring-adult-game-of-throne-daenerys_targarya-dragons free to print

Game of Thrones : Daenerys Targarya drawing

coloring-adult-game-of-throne-daenerys_targarya free to print

Game of Thrones : Daenerys Targarya

coloring-adult-game-of-throne-cersei-lannister free to print

Game of Thrones : Cersei Lannister