Colorzen is a concept adapted by Leen Margot for adult coloring pages

As specified in the name, these coloring pages can make people "Zen".
Their principal particularity is to have their contours already colored. The aim is to respect the colors used for the contours, for the inside of each zone.

For the moment, in this gallery, the coloring pages are very simples. It's ideal for the beginners in coloring pages or just for people who want to relax and don't reflect too much.

coloring-page-adults-colorzen-leen-margot3 free to print

No hassle ! Chose your colors according to the colors used to draw the lines ...

coloring-page-adults-colorzen-leen-margot2 free to print

Flowers patterns, many colors, inspiration and talent.

coloring-page-adults-colorzen-leen-margot1 free to print

Made by Leen Margot, this coloring page will give you a good time !